Tide Talks: Anthony Brown, Photographer

How long have you lived in Wynnum?

I have lived in Wynnum for 11 years, though I often came out here as a kid for day trips with my grandparents.

What was it about Wynnum that made you want to call it home?

My wife & I moved out here to stay with family on a temporary basis while we were between houses (with the intention of moving to Melbourne), fell in love with the Bayside community & decided to buy a house.

What is your favourite cafe in Wynnum?

 Dramanti’s on Tingal Road is our local favourite.

What is your favourite shop in Wynnum?

My favourite shop would have to be Frenchie’s Cafe on Bay Terrace. Frenchie’s has allowed me to meet all the wonderful bayside locals, their dogs & make many friends.

How did you discover photography?

I was given a 35mm camera by my step father in high school & choose film photography as a senior subject.

Describe your photography in three words.

Artistic. Vibrant. Creative.

What inspires your photography process?

I am inspired by my late grandad who was an art teacher & artist. Growing up he was always painting landscapes, birds & churches. One day I hope to photograph some of the subjects he painted back in England.

What is your favourite location to shoot?

I love shooting in so many locations. Wynnum & the Bayside area, Gold Coast Beaches, Melbourne Laneways, Brisbane City, Tokyo, Kyoto & many more. It is very hard to choose one.

What is the best time to shoot – sunrise or sunset?

I enjoy shooting just before sunrise. I love early mornings & the beautiful soft colours captured with the pre-dawn long exposures.  I also enjoy shooting cityscapes, the bright lights & dark alleyways in the cities.

For all the budding photographers out there, what piece of advice would you share?

Practice, make mistakes, experiment, talk to other photographers. You don’t need all the best gear & all the knowledge, its about getting out there & enjoying mastering your craft & developing your own style.

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