10 ways a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) can save you time

Planning a conference takes attention to detail, efficiency, negotiation skills, marketing skills, and above all, great time management! Here are 10 ways engaging a PCO to organise your next conference can save you precious time:

  1. Leverage existing supplier relationships

A PCO will already have a wide network of suppliers to service all your event requirements, saving you time on research and negotiating pricing.

2. Compare and organise quotes

Requesting, comparing and compiling quotes for consideration can be an arduous and time-consuming task. PCOs have efficient processes for comparing quotes that will ensure you receive the best value.

3. In the know on where to go

PCOs are across the latest industry updates in events, travel, hospitality and tourism – they know all the best spots to cater to your conference needs, especially if they are local to your destination!

4. Tested processes

Many people greatly underestimate the time it takes to plan a large-scale conference or summit. PCOs do this every day, and have tested processes in place to maximise efficiency and streamline planning.

5. Quick problem-solving skills

Problems are part of events, and PCOs are well versed at solving them on the spot! Whether bad weather, delayed flights or a last-minute cancellation threaten the event’s success, a good PCO will know just what to do.

6. Data management makes decision making easy

Don’t spend hours scanning surveys and event data to try and measure your event’s success. PCOs manage your data and reporting to provide evidence-based recommendations so your event can improve in real time, or for next time.

7. Stress less about tiny details

Save your brain space for focusing on why you are hosting the conference – whether your objective is to impress the boss, create new connections, educate or inspire, focus on what you do best and let a PCO handle all the tiny details.

8. Leave the admin to the efficiency experts

Administrative tasks like managing registrations, invoices and day-to-day communications can take up a lot of time that is better spent elsewhere. PCOs use automation, templates and tested processes to save time on important but sometimes tedious admin tasks.

9. Never miss a deadline

Don’t waste time trying to keep up with due dates. A PCO is well versed in tracking and following up to ensure deadlines are not missed.

10. Make the most of your marketing

Campaign management, event promotion and engaging on social media can take up a large portion of time, but marketing an event well is one of the most important areas of event management. A PCO has experience with marketing through all channels and will save time while maximising return on investment.

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